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The expertise of a combined agency

the flexibility of a Freelancer



I see a GAIN in notoriety, where some see yet another advertisement interrupting their show ...

I see an INVESTMENT in image and visibility over the FUTURE to acquire new customers, where some see unjustified expenditure on communication actions ...


I see EXPERTISE whose skilfully orchestrated actions allow a company to WIN in the long term, where some see marketing as a common tool ...

After various experiences in marketing and communication which forged me a human professional identity, I decided to support companies but especially SMEs, very small businesses and self-entrepreneurs to promote their expertise and shine in their fields, and in the competitive environment in which they find themselves.

The actions that I propose to you are adapted to your structure, to your budget, while naturally integrating a large “human” part.


Communication strategies, product or consumer marketing, brand building, product positioning, digital strategy (social networks, website, blog…), print and web publishing… There will inevitably be a solution for your objective.

I am curious passionate about "making known": you have expertise, skills, talent ... why not say it and make yourself known?

And by following the right method?

And with the right words?


The winning procedure that I put in place combines commitment , proximity and trust .

We work and together determine the clear and simple objectives that will allow you to ensure lasting growth by understanding and immersing myself in your universe.

Once these objectives are established, we will build and apply an effective action plan that will allow us to achieve them.

I ensure the adaptations that will be necessary to make for this plan thanks to the control and analysis tools that will have been considered and put in place.

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